16-35 test. Not good news.

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Probably Not A Big Issue For Me

My primary interest in this lens is for landscape work, and walk about photography.

For landscapes, I almost always have the camera on a tripod and rarely shoot more open than f/5.6. I'm more often at f/8 or f/11, even at the wider focal lengths. I haven't seen any noticeable vignetting at f/5.6 using my D700 so far, including sky shots, where it should have been very visible. I haven't shot with any filters yet tho, but hopefully it won't be an issue at the apertures I normally shoot at.

For walk about photography, I can see shooting wide open from time to time. But even in this case I don't use the wider angles for isolation. I'm usually looking for greater depth of field when I'm going wide, so I'll typically be stopped down. The longer focal lengths of this lens are where I'm most likely going to use f/4. Are you seeing vignetting at all focal lengths? I'll give the vignetting a closer look at f/4 the next time I'm out with it.

Were you shooting with a filter at f/4?

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