What's happening with Canon QC?

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Stepanfo wrote:

rwbaron wrote:

... I've been seeing more front elements on Canon lenses with a coarse swirled pattern in the coating the last few years again when fogged and the problem is it varies significantly from sample to sample.

Sorry, but fogging has nothing to do with lens coatings. Coatings are chemically inert to water. The only chance how to see some fog pattern on coated lens is because it is covered with some chemical compound which reacts with water. Some cleaning solution, for example.

You're mising the point. The lens was cleaned several times with ROR and Eclipse using lens tissue and then with a new microfiber cloth. There is a swirl pattern that appears as scratches when the front element is fogged. Some samples of this lens show this to a greater or lesser degree and some are completely absent of it. I've seen this occuring more and more on Canon lenses and the worst case was with an out of the box EFS15~85 ($800) where the front element looked much worse than the 70~200f4LIS shown in the photo. That lens also had circular swirl mark in one area where it appeared the polishing disc was not orbiting the lens surface.

I'm a Canon shooter and have been for over 30 years but IMO this is simply BS that they allow this crap to get through. Maybe this type of QC is fine with you but it's not OK with me.


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