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Phil Askey wrote:

We have implemented sorting by alpha and shot-date. Random drag-drop sorting may 'seem' the 'basic and elementary' but implementing it is far from that, it's far more complex than it looks on the surface. Can you explain why alpha / shot-date sorting isn't enough?

Sometimes we change our mind and wish to re-sort our photos using a new idea of how the images should be presented. Manual sorting is the most useful because it does not limit our freedom. I'm listing, in my opinion, from most important reasons for sorting to least important.

Often need:
Sorting by Subject/Theme (not reflected in either date or filename)

For example the same object such as a landscape at different times of day, and seasons, same person at different ages, or wearing different clothing/costume (can't assume it has same/similar name or that it was shot in sequence

Sorting by Post Processing Treatment

B&W, high key version, drawing or painted style). I may want the b&w version right next to the color version of the same image, or I might change my mind and wish to show all b&w together, and the all color together for the same shoot.

Sorting by Quality Rating

Sorting by File Size (Thumbnails bunched together and separate from "normal" sized files. Filenames may incorporate some sort of thumbnail identification yet still not sort as we wish.

Sorting by Story Sequence

This does not necessarily correlate with shooting sequence or filename (shots may not be in shooting order such as when a missing shot is done later)

It does not make any sense for us to rename our images in order sort in a certain way for DP Galleries which may cause problems for Lightroom and or other Image File Management programs that we use.

I said it is basic and elementary because for example Fotki and Flickr lets you do arbitrary/manual sorting, just about any image browser utility lets you do it, and it is a convention that goes back to the pre-digital practice of sorting slides on a lightbox.

I'm not a professional programmer so I don't know what particular tasks are easy or hard to do in a particular programming environment. Compared to some very difficult tasks that some people request, I was guessing that this one was not one of the most difficult or very few internet photo gallery sites would have it.

You guys have done some things which I am pretty sure are not easy -such as the complex interactive display in the lens reviews. The DPreview Galleries are very, very good looking and very well designed with respect to ease of use so I was surprised that manual sorting was not part of the earliest design to begin with.

I hope that answers your question.



Dan Tong wrote:

Here we are a month later and this feature is still not implemented, even though it is a most basic and elementary requirement of any photo gallery application.

Please don't take this too negatively, I'm simply trying to get you guys to increase the priority of this feature.



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