A FAQ on Equivalence

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Let's see...

Ted C. wrote:

maybe next time you hold your revival here on the Olympus SLR Talk Forum someone will be more receptive to your "message".

...was I looking for "converts" or for people to merely understand what Equivalence says? So, from this thread:


Excellent. Overall, a great explanation. I tried to find fault with it, but I couldn't.


I'm sure your excellent explanations and observations will help many people.

Unfortunately, the "usual suspects" will probably show up to explain how everything you've said in fact supports their claims of inherent superiority of aps-c or FF over 4/3.

And other "usual suspects" will argue with them.


Really great explanation.


Looks like a straight forward non-argumentative post, and seems accurate as far as I can see.


Well written FAQ, but... It's nicely written but my suspicion is you've wasted your time because people who are going to spend the time to read it already understand it, and people who don't understand it mostly do so, in my opinion, because they refuse to understand it. If that makes any sense.


Excellent. Thanks for writing it up concisely. /

So, you were saying?

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