My Nikon 16-35 f4 is not what I had hoped for!

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Re: Interesting...

You might want to shoot a large 2-3 story wall that is a single color. Like I said, the resolution was good except for the corners at f4 - which was to be expected. However, the barrell distortion at 16mm is a little much - and even more than my 17-35.

And this is why I test every lens before it is too late to return it! Good advice for those that know how.

photoforfun wrote:

...because I get the impression that sample variation is much more common than we should expect for such expensive gear...

My mentioning of sample variation is based on my own experience and my photography mate who apparently both have a very good copy of the 16-35, much better than our 17-35 used to be, and more based on the paragraph in Bjorn Rorslett's 17-35 F2.8 review where he explains how he tested sample variation among this lens.
Quote from the article in the above link, written by Bjorn Rorslett:

"Sample Variability and other Lessons Learned. Since this review was incepted, I have had shooting and testing experience with quite a number (more than 10) of 17-35 Nikkors both on my D1 and F5 cameras. The reasons for this are the persistent rumours that this lens is inferior to the 20-35 Nikkor. When I first got my personal sample of the 17-35 , it didn't take me long to detect this sample lens showed severe faults of focus shifts and decentered elements. Since the first two or three of these lenses I had used were superb, I wouldn't accept no less for my own use. So, I demanded a packing case filled with 17-35 lenses for testing from the national Nikon dealer, and surprise, got it! Thorough testing of all these 17-35 Nikkors indicated that mild decentering isn't uncommon, and the same goes for focus shifts. A sample size of 10 is to small to draw any statistical significant conclusions, but finding that 2 out of 10 lenses had severe decentering problems was discouraging.


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