My Nikon 16-35 f4 is not what I had hoped for!

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Steve Bingham
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My Nikon 16-35 f4 is not what I had hoped for!

Just a brief summary:

The good news.

1- At 35mm sharpness is good. There is some corner smudging at f4 but other than that, sharpness is pretty good.

2- At 16mm sharpness falls off sharply in the corners at f4. But that was expected. By f8 all is well.

The bad news.

1- At 35mm there is a drastic color shift in the corners and far edges at f4. So much so as to make f4 unusable. It diminishes some at f5.6, but still not acceptable for my work. My tan/brown building simply turned completely gray in the corners - especially on the left hand edge. Very disappointing.

2- At 16mm there is a color shift at f4, but not quite as bad as 35mm. Still, enough where it is unusable for my work. At 5.6 it is better but still there.

3- The lens also has considerable barrel distortion, but that was SORTA expected.

I don't know whether I have a bad sample, or this has something to do with the nano coating. In any case the lens is going back.

If any of you folks have this lens, find a 2 story wall in bright sun and try your lens at f4, f5.6, f8, f11, and f16. I would really be curious if you can see this on your lens.

In comparing it with my Nikon 17-35 the 16-35 came our second best - by a long shot.
Steve Bingham

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