Did Thom Hogan delete his account?

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Re: Did Thom Hogan delete his account?

KnightPhoto2 wrote:

Dunn Dunn - Dunn Dunn

Someone at dpreview did coincidentally delete Thom's post in reply to the D3S DP Review thread - in the deleted post Thom said something to the effect that:

  • dpreview's comment in the review about 12 megapixel being low resolution 'back in 2007' was in effect rewriting history. I.e. Thom had no complaint about 12 megapixel being observed as lower resolution today as compared to the competition in 2010, but that for dpreview to state that 12 megapixel was 'low in 2007' when the D3 was released was not accurate. Of course the 1Diii was only 10 megapixel at the time.

  • therefore Thom observed that the dpreviewer was 'double dipping' on their 'lower resolution' D3 comment and that it was unfortunate since dpreview needn't resort to that in their D3S review.

  • NOTE: I am heavily paraphrasing.

  • it is entirely possible that Thom-himself requested dpreview delete his post, I have no information.

It's too bad, I kept a copy of Thom's post up on my iPhone for about a week, just to see if there was going to be any reaction about Thom's deleted post, but I since removed it from my iPhone.

However, this is more fun, Let the conspiracy theories begin

Dunn Dunn - Dunn Dunn

I too participated in that thread, and the result of my participation was, shall we call it, an identity crisis (not the first I've been through, for similar reasons). I emailed Thom to find out his take on it, and got a typically courteous response. Suffice it to say, that he was not impressed by having his post pulled (and he did not pull it himself) and said he was considering his participation in DPR. He did post a bit after that. Whether he subsequently made up his mind to leave DPR alone, I don't know. I very much doubt DPR would ban him, though.

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