DPReview's 50D vs. 7D IQ Reviews

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Re: DPReview's 50D vs. 7D IQ Reviews

The problem with DPR's review of the 50D, IMO, is one of a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Before the 50D was released, DPR staffers had opined (while rhapsodizing over the D300, if I remember correctly) that 12MP was the highest resolution for aps-c cameras, and that any higher number would result in image degradation (due, in their words, to "the laws of physics").

Then the 50D arrived, the very embodiment of what they'd said shouldn't be done.

I don't believe DPR has any bias against Canon, but they painted themselves into a corner by pronouncing that camera companies shouldn't go higher than 12MP.

This bias showed up in their comparisons with the D300. When cameras went from 8MP to 10MP (a 25% increase), they noted that it was virtually impossible to see the difference. But when they couldn't see the difference between the 12MP D300 and the 15MP 50D (again, an increase of 25%), suddenly this was proof that the pixel count was ill-advised. It's a self-fulfilling double standard.

In the time between the 50D and 7D, DPR got hammered over that review, and apparently saw the light (namely, that the world's largest camera company, with perhaps the world's largest R&D department, knows a little more about making cameras than photography bloggers), and the 7D entered the world without the same bias against it that the 50D faced. They even emended their review of the 5DII, which also suffered from anti-megapixel bias.

BTW, I'd been looking forward to the 50D, and when I first read DPR's review, I was terribly disappointed and initially decided not to get one. Then I read the firestorm of criticism over that review, checked other reviews from other sources, and today I'm the proud and very happy owner of a new 50D.

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