Canon Legacy Lens For m43 - Help With Value

Started Mar 6, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: Canon Legacy Lens For m43 - Help With Value

I sent off a preliminary email to the seller to confirm quality / condition.

I'll be hitting him back shortly with an offer on his lenses which are more in-line with what people have been paying recently on eBay:

Canon FD 50mm F1.4 lens ($40.00)
Canon FD 50mm f 3.5 Macro lens with 25 mm extension tube ($50.00)
Canon FD 70 - 210 mm F3.5 lens ($45.00)
Canon FD Macro 100mm f1.4 lens with 50 mm extension tube ($90.00)
Canon FD 85 mm F1.8 lens ($80.00)
Canon FD Zoom Lens 80 - 200 ($30.00)

~ $335.00 CAD for the lot.

My search on eBay was hasty, and some results weren't exactly right. I think these numbers more accurately represent current second hand value assuming everything is clean and fungus free.

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