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Re: To Everyone ... replied by me

Thanks for the info on your lens, Joe. Now I know it is the same model as my own 300 f/4.5 Ai. Your serial number is a little lower than mine but they are both late batch samples of the same lens. The tripod collar is quite the weapon, isn't it?

My own best moon pictures were with a point and shoot taped to my telescope eyepiece. I have never tried it with a DSLR because it is more hassle to fix it to the telescope. I think the moon gives more interesting photos when it is not full. I never understand why people keep photographing the full moon.

Now I rather feel the more satisfying way to use the moon is to include it in images where it adds atmosphere, as in your moonlit swings. Whereas we all see the same moon and so cannot make pure moon images that have not been done thousands of times before, we have unique opportunities for including the moon in a composition.

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