D3S focus testing

Started Feb 14, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: Missed Dog Series

JoeinLA wrote:

I just took a series of my relatively small dog at a slow run from about 35 ft to about 15 ft using the 70-200 VRII, Continuous Low, AF-C, 51pt 3D Dynamix Focus, Focus Priority.

D3S didn't get a single shot in focus

That makes me sad. I'll keep playing with the 70200II and 2470.

I would use single point af or 9 point af, so you can choose by your self what part of the dog has to be in focus. If you use 51 point Dynamic focus, the camera desides for you what's good. So if he likes the tail to focus on, he choose the tail.
Also better to use CH and shutter priority.
Please try it again and lets see if there are differences.

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