KodakDye Sub..Win XP ?

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Re: KodakDye Sub..Win XP ?

I have a couple of Kodak dyesub printers (1400 & G600). While they work fine under WinXP, they presented a problem for me when I first moved to Vista x64. What I did to get around the problem was to install VirtualBox, which is a free virtualization app. After installing VirtualBox, I installed an old copy of WinXP, along with an old copy of Photoshop. I also installed the printer drivers for the Kodak printers.

I edit my images in Photoshop CS4 (64-bit) and save them to the hard drive. When I'm ready to print, I launch VirtualBox/WinXP. I open the images in Photoshop (in VirtualBox/WinXP), and print them to my Kodak printer.

Since you're running Win7 Pro, you also have the option of downloading/using Microsoft's VirtualXP, which would give you the same capability as VirtualBox with WinXP.

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