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Re: Sharpest native micro four thirds lens

Well you've gotten a lot of good responses already. The kit lenses are good for kit lenses, but let's face it, not very many kit lenses really excel and many are not that good all round. The Panasonic and Olympus kit lenses tend to rank on the high side as kit lenses go. But sounds like you are looking for something else.

Well, the 20mm F1.7 is highly recommended by just about everyone it seems including users. I don't have it.... yet. With my GH1 I have the 14-140 kit lens. Very nice for a 10X lens but not perfect. Corners a little soft at 14mm, from 18mm to 100mm it is very good across that range. At 140mm it is soft, not horrible but still noticeable.

My recommendations:
20mm F1.7 Lumix for a base prime lens. (exceptional)

7-14 Lumix ultra-wide (exceptional across its entire range.) A fantastic street lens.

45mm F2.8 Panny/Leica Macro. Don't believe the knocks against it because it isn't as good as the Olympus 50mm F2 macro, but that lens is a rare success and one of the premier macros of all time. The 45mm is still excellent, and very compact for a macro and goes to 1:1 without any adapter.

14-140mm very good from 18 to 100mm and acceptable otherwise. (Still ranks towards top of class for 10x zooms from any manufacturer).


9-18 Olympus Zuiko. If it matches the quality of their regular 4/3 9-18 it will be a very good lens, probably a bit cheaper then the 7-14

100-300 long zoom. - I'm waiting for this lens or an equivalent and hope they don't compromise the IQ for size.

You are probably aware of the 4/3rd system 2X crop factor, so just remember to take the focal lengths above and double them to get the equivalent field of view for a full frame DSLR.

Good luck and have fun.

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