Sharpest native micro four thirds lens

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Re: Sharpest native micro four thirds lens

I consider my Micro-FourThirds bodies to be a part of a FourThirds camera system, which nowadays includes SLRs and mirrorless bodies and lenses, and I move lenses between all three bodies frequently.

So ... ranking my lenses in order of top to bottom performers, and leaving out the adapted manual lenses (peers on the same line):

Oly ZD 50mm Macro :: Oly ZD 11-22mm
Panasonic/Leica Summilux-D 25mm
Olympus ZD 35mm Macro :: Panasonic Lumix G 20mm :: P/L Vario-Elmarit-D 14-50mm
Olympus ZD 25mm

... and even the Olympus ZD 25mm f/2.8 is an outstanding performer:

(I don't own it anymore, but the Panasonic Lumix G Vario 14-45mm lives on the line with the Vario-Elmarit-D 14-50, although the Vario-Elmarit has superior speed and bokeh performance.)

Obviously, the professional grade lenses perform better than the consumer grade lenses. But the range of "by how much" is remarkably small, the baseline performance of even the "worst" is still excellent.

If you're not getting excellent results from your Micro-FourThirds camera, look to your technique and usage rather than to the lens quality.

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