Light Modifiers for Product Photography

Started Mar 3, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Cheapest, semi-cheapest

The cheapest fun addition is buyng some colored bristol board.

For a little bit more money, colored foam core, which has the advantage of being stiff.

Bounce a light off this, and your products can take on a new color tone.

By movingthe light in reltion to the boad, and the board in relation to the product, alters the degree pf colors that you see.

FILTER SHEETS -- cost less than you might think.

You can place thesee over lights, and change the color.

But for more fun, cut a hole in the filter sheet, and now plain "white" light will go through the hole and colored light weill be both colored and not as bright, coming from around the hole with the white light.

Place a second sheet, with no hole, over the first, and now the centre will be, for example, light blue, while the surrounding will be darker blue.


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