Specialty stereo de Wijs macro lens - some anaglyph 3D images

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Specialty stereo de Wijs macro lens - some anaglyph 3D images

I've long been interested in macrophotography, and have a good-sized gallery of macro images online (see the link in my profile below.)

I've also generated stereo 3D imagery with fractal rendering software I've written.

I got to thinking, and decided I wanted to try my hand at stereo macrophotography. To that end I asked for, and received, a stereo macro lens for Christmas.

The lens is made by a Dutch company called de Wijs. I only took delivery of it recently, and have been starting to try it out.

Here is what the lens looks like mounted to my camera:


I've converted several of the images to anaglyphs. You'll need red/cyan 3D glasses in order to view them:

The lens is a challenge to use for a couple of reasons. It has a fixed aperture and fixed focus. The aperture is somewhere around f/16, so the viewfinder is REALLY dark. That makes focusing a challenge. I am also struggling to get sharp images. Still, the images are quite useable.


Duncan C
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My macro gallery:

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