Purchased Samsung NX10 my opinions as a GF-1 owner

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Purchased Samsung NX10 my opinions as a GF-1 owner


I have the NX10 + 18-55mm/30mm f2 lenses since yesterday just could,nt resist the price , I also have the GF-1 along with a Nikon DSLR (very unused these days)

I can tell you now the NX10 is very very good and if it,s a consumer targeted camera rather then Photograper good luck for them because it will Def threaten the entry level DSLR market.

The EVF is not a good as a G1 but it,s there and it,s free !
AP-C senser, it,s performs as well as my Brothers Pentax KX fullstop .
Handling is very good, grip MUCH better then the GF-1
Jpegs output looks great much better then Panasonics messed up colour shift.

The 30mm f2 is smaller and quiter then the Panasonic 20mm f1.7 but build quailty go to Panasonic.

Samsung 18-55 lens is of adequate build quality not as good as the panasonic 14-45mm but on a level par with anything from Nikon/Canon.
Build is all plasic and camera overall is very light indeed.

The NX does,nt try to be a rangefinder camera it just gives you function over everything else and it,s great for it and i,m loving using it quite honestly.

I suspect Samsung will threaten Panasonic in the market place but poss not Olympus as I think Olympus appeals more to out and out enthusiasts.

This will reignite the old 4/3 senser VS AP-C senser arguments all over again just like the Olympus 4/3 cameras did when compared to Nikon/Canon Dslrs.

As then there was room for both and a choice for us customers and if the Koreans drive down prices good luck to us i say>

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