Up level kit lens and ultimate outdoor lens dilemma

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My thoughts after using a 15-85mm

I've been using a 7D with EFS 15-85 this week and today visited Tewkesbury with it and my K20D with DA 17-70 and found the extra at each end extremely useful, especially at the wide end. 15-85mm on the Canon 1.6 crop sensor is equal to 16-90mm on a 1.5 crop sensor.

The difference IQ wise between the 2 camera/lens combinations is miniscule.

Here are comparisons between the two extremes.

If Canon can make a 15-85mm (and Nikon their 16-85), I think that Pentax could make a 16-90mm which would have the same FOV as the Canon on a 1.5 crop sensor.

The Canon does shut down quite swiftly to f4.0 at 18mm, f4.5 at 26mm, f5.0 at 38mm and f5.6 at 60mm (approx F/L's). Ideally, if it could be a f3.5-4.5 and hold f4.0 until say 55-60mm and have WR similar to the WR kit lenses (i.e. not * WS), that would be ideal. Cost at, or maybe a bit more, than the Canon would be perfectly acceptable.

I do believe that it would actually be much more popular than the 17-70, which while a great lens, is seen to be too close to the cheaper (and faster) Sigma alternative. Pentax do need to up their act somewhat in this middle ground.
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