What do you think is delaying the D900/D700S?

Started Mar 3, 2010 | Discussions thread
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the reason is that D700x/D800/D750(whatever its name is)will future an all-Nikon sensor,like the upcoming D4/D4x.And,judging by the recent Nikon statement about better balance between resolution and ISO,it will be a +-20mp FF sensor for Dxxx/D4 and 30-35 FF mp sensor for the D4x.The thing is,it takes some time to design,test,redesign,mass produce a sensor like that.Especially from a company who's been "out of the game"(of manufacturing its own sensor)for quite time.

But it will be here soon i thing.The fact we haven't seen a D700s with D3s sensor implies that a bigger change is coming soon......
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