What do you think is delaying the D900/D700S?

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Wow...that makes you crazy?!?

Me printing huge for me and my customers and wanting more MP in a sane package makes you crazy...eh?

Why are you SO invested in what I want.....that it drives YOU crazy.

Maybe I am the true minority....dosnt change what I want. And I have as much a right to desire what I want as do you.

Now I am not asking you to stop being crazy over my desires.....but I will ask what good it is doing you OR me.

Have fun with your mental diversions.....and lay off the coffee....might help.


SaltLakeGuy wrote:

Is all of the resolution freaks, and their rationale that if you don't have %$# megapixels you can't print large, or "my customers put their nose up against the print and critique it" junk. Well mr. and mrs. fuss budget. The real reality check is that YOU are by FAR in the serious minority. When you consider the largest consumer figures out on print size, 13x19 would be considered reasonably rare in the first place let alone the majority of print sizes (which are considerably smaller). You can argue yourselves blue in the face about needing the resolution (whine eg: but I need to crop so much I must have more megapixels). Try composing for your print some time....sheesh. Some of this stuff just makes me want to puke, but I suppose after all it is the internet, and we'll get all kinds of drivel. I've seen posters printed from competent 6mp DSLR's and they are astounding. No I don't sit there and place my eyeball on the print to see if there are any flaws. I see it from a small distance as it should be. Come on people get a life here and a clue about photography. If you've got a tool that focuses fast and accurately, has minimal noise at decent ISO's and is well built and exposes properly, stop complaining for crying out loud already. You just want a toy, not a tool it would seem. So I'll leave you to your sandbox to play........

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