'Modernisation' GH1 Pink Floyd video filmed in Boracay

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Re: Absolutely wonderful

Thank you very much, so good to see these comments. That was the aim of the video 100% and I am really glad you see it the same way I do. It is trying not so much to be a test or a holiday video - it is a bit of both - but mainly I was trying to have the video actually mean something.

I have written a making of the video on my blog here:


madmaxmedia wrote:

Great video, I really liked it- especially considering this was something you shot while on vacation. So much so I actually downloaded the almost 1GB full-sized version!

There are a LOT of very pretty videos on Vimeo of users 'playing' around with their cameras, editing artful looking slo-mo's of their local park, etc.- basically tech demos of their gear. That stuff is fun of course, especially when you first get a new toy. But your video goes well beyond that, into to the realm of actually significant and meaningful content- something that was really worth watching, whether it is in 1080p or whatever or not.


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