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Re: Question regarding Contax Zeiss 85mm 1.4

The Zeiss is a Contax Yashica mount. That's a Japanese SLR mount from years ago. You can buy what's known as a 'CY to Micro 4/3rds' adapter ring for £30 on eBay which allows you to use this manual focus lens on the GH1, GF1, et al.

It really is a great lens! Cost - around £300-£400, so not cheap like many FD lenses are, but MUCH better image quality.

There is also the old 85MM Nikkor AI F2 which is a great lens (according to the DP on Terminator Salvation who uses it on a Canon 5DMkII for actual hollywood production stuff). What's more, whilst not quite as fast as the Zeiss, it offers similar image quality for half the price (2nd hand of course).

Both of these lenses work as well on full frame DSLRS as they do on the GH1. But with the GH1 they behave more like super-fast telephotos.

AllenGH1 wrote:

First off, wonderful merging of photography and videography, some of the shots look like stills coming to life.

Second a question about the Contax Zeiss lens:
Is it an FD mount? Are they always a certain mount?

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