What do you think is delaying the D900/D700S?

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Re: What do you think is delaying the D900/D700S?

ScottMac wrote:

Nice intelligent, friendly replies so far hey?

LOL! Where is Jacob from Denmark when I need him

KnightPhoto2 wrote:

D900 delay:

  • could it be due to a concerted effort by Nikon engineers to roll out 24/25/30/60 video frame rates including 1080p? I wonder if this is the cause of D900 delay?

Yes, obviously, they put all their marbles into 720P and now regret it.

I.e. Nikon realizes they are behind their competitor and need to match it and therefore won't release the D900 until they have the goods to deliver.

Yes, that too, because the 5DM2 has been around for over a year and half and has barnstormed through Hollywood and all multi media, no video pro uses Nikon dslr video, it's only been available in FX for a couple of months and is only 720P. Now Canon has 24P in the 5DM2 and improved audio, jeez, Nikon is asleep.

Personally I really do lean to the idea that video is the delay. I.e. the boys in the white coats may have had to go back to the drawing board to mess with the Expeed or other non-sensor chips to deliver a stronger product. Even Thom has indicated that Nikon thinking 720P was good enough was a strategic mistake. Likewise I have read the posts of Nikon's D3S 720P being actually pretty good, more of a competitive error I guess. IIRC, Thom expects 1080P the next go round (whenever that is).

BTW, I am defining 'delay' based on MLammerse's original time schedule and Thom's too, which really resonated and seemed entirely plausible when one added it all up. It seemed like a new camera release was immanent given the rumours at the time (there are also a couple other posters who claimed to have seen a product and said 'We're gonna love it!').

As I said earlier, unless there really is a new/different sensor coming, for which any number of glitches could cause delay. Hopefully we shall all see soon!

Very impressive, especially considering Nikon has no high MP 1080 video camera at all, and no moderately priced FX with video, and likely won't for a long time.

Now, stop posting such annoying threads before someone here tries to ban you.

The mood around here seems like a recently jilted lover, 'we are never going to talk upcoming equipment ever again, we were badly hurt the last time' - sorry couldn't resist!

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