Grey vs. USA lens: How do you tell?

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Re: Grey vs. USA lens: How do you tell?

Generally, US version lenses have a serial number that starts with US. However, I don't think that this is a hard and fast rule. The easiest way is to contact Nikon USA with the serial number, and they can tell you whether it's a US model.

There is much debate on here about the meaning of the Nikon warranty. The plain language from the Nikon website is that Nikon USA will not supply parts or provide service for any non-US model. Nikon US will not do so under the warranty, nor even though you are paying for the repair. On the other hand, several people here contend that Nikon has serviced non-US model equipment for them. There was a recent thread in which a person referred someone to a 3rd parrty Nikon authorized repair facility for a non-US model. The repair facility declined, indicating that the more complicated lenses, like AF-S VR models could only be repaired by Nikon. So there's your dilemma, you pay your money and take your chances.

I just last week decided to pick up a 300 f/4. Although I hated the idea of buying a non-US model, I purchased a Canadian model. As it was purchased from an authorized Nikon Canada vendor, there will be no problem getting the item serviced through Nikon Canada, and it came with the same 5 year warranty as do Nikon USA items. I figured that it would be no more complicated to ship the lens off to Toronto than it would be to ship it off to Mehlville. If however, your lens turns out not to be a US model, but rather a European or Asian model, for example, obtaining service could be a super headache.

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