Light Modifiers for Product Photography

Started Mar 3, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: Light Modifiers for Product Photography

hotdog321 wrote:

I'd get a snoot or two for precise lighting control or create a spot effect. Black velvet for space black backgrounds. White and gray seamless photo paper. I assume you have some stands, clamps and masking tape for the foam core. Maybe a few props for small products: I like black sandblasting grit, river stones, a piece of thick glass, thin clear monofilament, GELS for the lights. A piece of canvas, a piece of burlap for different surfaces.

Thanks, Craig.

I do have most of the things you suggested except ...

Snoot ... I use SB900s, any particular brand of snoot you recommend?

Props ... I do not have any of what you suggested. I guess I will acquire them as situation requires.

Once again, thanks for the suggestion.

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