What do you think is delaying the D900/D700S?

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I forget who the original poster of this was, but....

Child: Mommy! Mommy! Nikki is being mean to me. Make Nikki stop being mean.

Vera: What did Nikki do?

Child: It's not what he's done, it's what he won't do. He was supposed to sell me a toy and now he won't do it!

Vera: What sort of toy was he supposed to sell you?

Child: It was new, and really need, and it could do lots of things and it had all sorts of neat letters at the end.

Vera: Did Nikki say how much this toy was going to cost?

Child: Sven didn't say, but I don't care. I want it!

Vera : Sven? Didn't you say Nikki had the toy?

Child: Don't you know anything? Sven told me Nikki was going to sell me the toy.

Vera: Nikki didn't tell you that he had a toy to sell.

Child: Naw, Sven said Nikki told him it was a secret and not to tell anyone. He even had pictures and everything!

Vera: So Nikki never said he had the toy? Could have Sven been fibbing?

Child: Sven wouldn't fib.

Vera: But if he told you, then he fibbed to Nikki about it being a secret, right? So he was fibbing to either you or Nikki.

Child: But Tommy said that Nikki should sell the toy too!

Vera: Did Tommy say that Nikki actually had a toy to sell?

Child: Naw, but Tommy's real smart! He's been saying Nikki will have the toy Real Soon Now like forever !

Vera: So Sven was fibbing, and Tommy only thought Nikki would sell the toy sometime. So why are you mad at Nikki?

Child: Because Nikki's mean. They should sell me the toy. Tommy says so and he's smart.

Vera: Why don't you play with the toys you have already?

Child: 'cause I wanna new toy! I can't do anything with the old toys.

Vera: Lots of people seem to do lots of things playing with toys like yours.

Child: I'm not lots of people. I'm special and should have a special toy.

Vera: Should we give the old toys away to a needy child for Christmas then?

Child: NO! Mine!!

Vera: Never mind then. Have a piece of Candy.

Child: No Candy! I hate Candy! Candy has the toys I want.

Vera: So why not buy them from Candy?

Child: Because Candy is evil. Besides, Candy's missing other toys.

Vera: Never mind Candy then. How about some chocolate? It's wrapped in a holographic label.

Child: Oooh! Shiny!

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