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On a certain level I understand Nikon Japan franchises distribution to different companies, i.e. Nikon Canada, Nikon USA etc. I can appreciate these companies wanting you to only buy through dealers they serve and one way is not to service merchandise from dealers not serviced in their area.

What I can't appreciate is when they refuse to honor the International warranty. This warranty is given by Nikon Japan and if conditions met should be serviced by local Nikon.

I think the "grey market" is not truly understood by potential buyers. One thing I noticed is the inconsistency in the warranty wording between the warranty papers in the boxes and those on the Nikon website. Some items are covered whether sold only by authorised dealers while some by authorized dealers and authorized resellers. Some warranties do not use either phrase. Some warranties exzclude items sold in certain territories while others include the same territories.

Then there is the question of why Nikon USA or maybe Nikon Canada allows large authorized dealers to even sell grey market items. It is almost like a conspiracy of confusion that only raises its ugly head when repairs need. Mostly compounded by "crooked" dealers who may not mention or vaguely reference "grey market" while stressing "same quality cheaper price".

Yeras ago with more stores and repair shops most of this was not a big problem. But today with limited and in most cases unknow facilities to fix equipment most buy assuming the manufacturer or authorized repair shop will handle repairs.

Almost all my equipment was bought new and only my 300mm F/4 lens was used, but I made sure it was a used USA model. I know I can find a repair shop if needed but I want Nikon either as primary or secondary backup.

I have learned if an ad does not offer the full Nikon USA warranty on an item it may not be new & is probably grey. Always ask if covered by Nikon warranty & not third party.

Nikon D300

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