What do you think is delaying the D900/D700S?

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Re: What do you think is delaying the D900/D700S?

nothing is delayed, trust me!

everything is still on schedule as long as Nikon has not specifically named a product, specs and a date

KnightPhoto2 wrote:

D900 delay:

  • could it be due to a concerted effort by Nikon engineers to roll out 24/25/30/60 video frame rates including 1080p? I wonder if this is the cause of D900 delay? I.e. Nikon realizes they are behind their competitor and need to match it and therefore won't release the D900 until they have the goods to deliver.

  • or if the D900 is truly a new "all-Nikon" 20 mp sensor, then yes I can understand there being delays due to working final still-image quality kinks out.

D700S delay:

  • it's not coming at all (no intention to create this model?) or

  • same video reasons as above or

  • no reason to pump out the D700S model when every sensor is needed to meet strong D3S demand. I think this may be an issue and given the strong D3S demand, I can't see Nikon chunking out the D700S until extra sensors are available. I am worried this may be the case and may take a while given the phenomenal IQ the D3S is showing. I am awaiting the D700S (and will sell my D700 to partially fund it).

I must say, Kwanon is really pouring on their video advantage, impressive that they can improve sound sampling rate and two additional frame rates on the 5Dii purely via firmware. Can we dream for similar firmware goodies for current Nikon video-enabled bodies?

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