Multiple Backs on 35mm DSLR

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gareth hacon Regular Member • Posts: 116
Multiple Backs on 35mm DSLR

OK rather than talk about how great Nikon is over Canon or how far behind they are I thought I would add a thought of my own on the possibility of a more open platform.

What do you all think of Nikon or Canon developing a system that could take multiple full frame 'Digital Back' style sensors??

Lets consider that Nikon produces a platform that accepts it's current F-mount but the back has interchangeable sensors - possibly a choice of three or more similar to digital medium format (phase one).

1) High pixel count sensor - MP King
2) Low pixel count sensor - Low ISO King
3) Dedicated video sensor - Video King
or possibly more

Consider the fact that Nikon could tailor each sensor to it's maximum, video could be an optimized processor and so on. As we know at present a sensor is incapable of covering all three bases without a trade off - D3X/D3S. Even Nikon has gone on record saying that there new direction will be a balance of high ISO and pixel count - trade off.

I'm sure that somewhere a post of this has been done before so if we are going over old ground then sorry.

Gareth Hacon

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