'Modernisation' GH1 Pink Floyd video filmed in Boracay

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Re: Questions for you....

Happy to answer, Holmes!

Unwrapping the 60i stream into 24p (as it was recorded by the camera sensor) is absolutely 100% essential but there is no art to it.

On the Mac, the GH1's AVCHD files need to be processed (transcoded) into Apple ProRes LT anyway before I can edit them. I use Voltaic 2.0 to do this and it also de-interlaces the footage from 60i, producing native 24p footage as it was intended by the camera. It is as simple as ticking the box labeled Export As 24p.

I left it going for almost 48hrs.. it's very processor intensive when you have nearly 2 hours of rolling footage from the memory card.

A lot of fuss on other forums like dvxuser has been spoken over the best deinterlacing methods, etc. Well, for me - they're all exactly the same and once I found one which worked I stuck with it. The options for AVCHD are still a bit limited anyway.

I have never been a fan of post processing or 'grading' either, the furthest I get is to make colour shots black and white!!

Whilst I find pixel-peeping footage from new cameras interesting on a technology level, I don't find it artistically helpful, and I think a computer screen is the wrong medium to dissect video on anyway. View the GH1's footage on a good plasma TV and you will be blown away by the colour, detail and dynamic range it offers compared to on a laptops screen.

Trust me, the difference is 10x and you no longer worry about compression or codec issues, which are magnified on a high resolution computer LCD.

jjholmes wrote:

I am trying to figure out if the "much a do" about deinterlacing and "pulling down" is a big deal, or if it is just purists (similar to film junkies) clamoring about the video quality. I do not know much about video and would love to learn but it seems so complex (particularly editing) compared to stills.

One thing I have never been very fond of is developing or post-processing, I enjoy the act of photographing. I do PP but with the least amount of effort possible.

How important is this "unwrapping" of the 60i into 24p (or whatever it is) and what editing software do you recommend? I am a PC and have Sony Vegas Pro. Any thoughts?
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