'Modernisation' GH1 Pink Floyd video filmed in Boracay

Started Mar 2, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Questions for you....

I am trying to figure out if the "much a do" about deinterlacing and "pulling down" is a big deal, or if it is just purists (similar to film junkies) clamoring about the video quality. I do not know much about video and would love to learn but it seems so complex (particularly editing) compared to stills.

One thing I have never been very fond of is developing or post-processing, I enjoy the act of photographing. I do PP but with the least amount of effort possible.

How important is this "unwrapping" of the 60i into 24p (or whatever it is) and what editing software do you recommend? I am a PC and have Sony Vegas Pro. Any thoughts?
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