Some Ideas on Voting

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Some Ideas on Voting

I've been following the challenges for a few months now. Having recently received my first 1st place in the “R...” Like Radio sets challenge ( ), I'd like to think I got it because of my great skills, not because I other images were voted down or a quirk in the system With that in mind, let me offer a few ideas on how it might be changed.

  • First, as many had already pointed out in other threads, some of the votes just don't make sense. Really great images only getting .5 votes. (I am talking about those I could only wish I took.) Maybe this is due people voting down images so their image comes in higher. I would hope that's not the case. Hopefully in most it's just because they don't understand the rating. So to help those people, change the voting from the current 0 -> +5 to a -3 -> +3. Now it is clearer where what is up and what is down.

  • Next, once you vote for a single image in a challenge, all the rest of the images in the challenge automatically default to a 0 vote for you unless you change it. Now everyone votes on all images and all images will receive exactly the same number of votes. You would still be free to vote any image up or down. I would think that would eliminate the problem of an image getting only a few high votes scoring higher than one that receives many votes - high and low. This would also eliminate the need to vote on every image. Now you would only need to vote on those that you think are really good or really bad.

  • As many have suggested, don't allow anyone to vote in a challenge that they have submitted an image. I do not vote in a challenge I have entered. I don't care how fair you may try to be, I don't believe most people can truly be impartial as much as they may try.

  • How about having two ratings – one for how well the image fits the challenge and a second on how good the image is. Again both defaulting to 0. When I vote in a challenge, the first thing I do is review the rules. Voting on how well the image fits the challenge would get the person thinking the goal of the challenge apart from the quality of the image. This might also help a host disqualify an image after voting began. It will take someone a lot smarter than me to figure out how to combine the two scores fairly into one overall rating.

  • Finally, I would like to see the thumbnails slightly larger. I know we should be voting against the real image, not the thumbnail. On large challenges, it is not practical to open every one. I will always open an image that I rate high. Challenge size is a double edge sword. Some small challenges fill up so quickly but large ones are difficult to review. Maybe by making the thumbnails large enough to be a first screening could balance this.

Just some ideas for what it's worth.


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