canon 400d not recognising card

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Re: canon 400d not recognising card

Anytime I close the CF card door on my 400d (btw, camera ALWAYS off), the little red light below the 5-button circle goes through a several-flash startup routine. When I first noticed this I thought that I had mistakenly removed the card with the camera turned on, but I hadn't.

So it makes perfect sense that there is a tiny switch that is closed when the door has been shut. Like a lot of microprocesser controlled devices, it seems that the camera is never really completely off.

So, this is real basic, and I'm not the most knowledgeable person to be giving advice on this, but just something I noticed and hadn't seen in print. I was probably daydreaming when I read that section of the book(s).

Another thought, my first few cards were Lexar, and I buy cards whenever I find a deal, most of the cards I have bought lately have been SanDisc. I have noticed very little difference here with the Canon software and PSE8, but some places I use to print cannot read the SanDisc cards at all. I have to burn to diisc first, then print off the disc.

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