Which DSLR? Advice Needed...

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Re: Which DSLR? Advice Needed...

Very good purchase decision. The 550D should be a fine camera with the new, high-rez wide-aspect screen and improved video features. I own the 450D and although I won't upgrade for a couple of years the 550D is the camera I would buy if starting over today.

The lenses are good starter lenses. The UV filters I would put in the camera bag and use if going to the beach.

Enjoy your new camera!

hdx08774 wrote:

After much debate, and changing my order several times, I have firmly decided on the following...

  • Canon EOS T2i/550D SLR Camera Kit with EF-S 18-55 IS Lens $899

  • Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Standard/Medium Telephoto Camera Lens $99.94

  • B+W 58ES UV Haze Filter $28.94

  • B+W 52E UV Haze Filter $24.94

I was going to buy a more expensive lens, but optically the kit lens seems as good as the others. For $100, I figure I can use it, outgrow it, and then probably sell it on eBay in a few months for $50. Not a bad deal.

I ordered the "Nifty Fifty" based on the recommendations in this forum. We'll see how I get on with it, but again, for $100, I can probably offload it in a few months for $50 if I don't use it much.

I bought the UV filters to protect the lenses. Probably not required, but for $50 I thought it was worth having that extra layer of protection.


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