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Re: Inaccurate, wrong

NewswriterJim, You're spot on as well!

It's exactly the issue I presented to the newspaper. I challenged them to look at EXIF data from my original and their copy. They've seen my shot (Canon 50D) and aren't bothering to respond to me, either by email or phone.

Same regarding the photo perspective. I was shooting across a pool with not a soul within distance. Ohio high school athletic association rules prohibit the use of flash for three sports - volleyball, gymnastics, and diving. There wasn't a camera capable of returning that type of shot that wouldn't have likely brought an official running from poolside to shut them down. Let alone deal with the angles, etc....

I think I'm more bothered by newspapers plain ignorance than anything else. I've provided them many shots in the past. They'd protect a submitter that they'll never see again vs. maintaining a decent relationship with someone that can help them in the future? Doesn't make all that much sense to me?


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