Another setback for the A7xx

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Re: No more Sony for me


Why did you even respond to Guy's post since you had nothing constructive to say. He obviously did not want an A700 since he said he was waiting for the A700 replacement. I guess the fact that he finds nothing currently sold by Sony as appealing irritates you.

Lucas_ wrote:

Guy Talmor wrote:

That's it. I have waited a long time for th A700 replacement and now my beloved KM5D has broken. Since fixing it would take a long time and too much money I have no option but to buy a new camera and Sony has no offering in the enthusiast category, this means - bye Sony.
Too bad.

Well, bye bye then! You should've bought an A700 by mid 2009, when it was easily available ( and at an excellent price ).
List your equipment, may be something will be of interest to us!

... Lucas
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