What's the mm equivalent of 8, 10, 18X etc optical zoom?

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Re: What's the mm equivalent of 8, 10, 18X etc optical zoom?

18x only tells you the difference between the shortest and the longest focal lengths the lens can do - not what the focal lengths are themselves.

18x is a very wide range.

For DSLR zooms, it seems 10x is pushing it. For these type of 'superzooms' they seem to centre the lens so it goes from reasonably wide (24 or 28mm) to reasonably long (240 or 280mm oe less).

Have a look at the photos you like that you made with your bridge camera, and see what focal length/s you tended to use and / or you tended to take the best photos at. You only need to think 'super wide', 'wide', 'normal', 'short telephoto', 'long telephoto'. Put them in those rough categories and see what your pictures tell you. maybe you take a lot of wide angle pics, so you want to get a more wide angle zoom as a start, and add other lenses later.

dinneenp wrote:


I have an 18X optical zoom on my bridge camera. Am going to buy a DSLR and trying to figure out what the equivalent for different zoom lengths?
Looking for a simple layman's answer please (if possible).


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