550d Zooming during movie

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Re: it's the camera not the lens

AV Janus wrote:

Thanks for explaining that in detail!

LOL All that still sure sounds like a gimmick!:(

I have a TZ7 and I find its so called "HD" interpretation ... crap!

I guess that is what HD Lite is.

And now all have 1080p... LOL 330MB/min T2 does 720p in only 50fps so even that means 330 MB/min ...crazy...

Well, there are standards, you know. Although the T2i is not fully AVCHD compliant or even considered as one, 1080-60p is not part of that standard. Only 720-60p is part of it. To implement that, will require a new standard or Canon can make up their own. The trouble with that is there might be no NLE that can edit it. So, standards have to be in line of what is supported by other softwares.

A 1080-60p will also probably need 2 x digic-4 or a new digic-5. That would still be next year most likely.


I guess pocket 3CCD FTW if you want to play with video.

Yes. I keep an hf-100 just for that. You don't need 3-sensor anymore to get the colors.

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