550d Zooming during movie

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Re: 550d Zooming during movie

Zooming during a shot is a sure sign of an amateur. Next time you watch a movie, see if there are any zooms. Also, no filmmaker uses autofocus.

DSLRs like the T2i are best used by aspiring filmmakers willing to put some work into it, not for family home movies of the kids with everything on automatic.

The dolly zoom (vertigo effect) is OFTEN used in many films. In order to achieve it, the operator must zoom during filming and also needs to move back or forward (best with a dolly for smoothness).

I always thought the effect was interesting. Maybe someone could try it with the T2i, I know its more difficult without a proper dolly, but you can still move in and out.



There's also no reason why the T2i cannot/should not be used to make home videos of kids! Why not?! That's absurd!

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