DOF for 50D w/ EF 100-400mm lens w/ 1.4X Extender

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Re: DOF for 50D w/ EF 100-400mm lens w/ 1.4X Extender

dukw_butter wrote:


Thanks for your feedback. You mention that with the 1.4X extender on the 100-400 lens, what I have is essentially a "140-560mm f/6.3-8 lens". This makes sense, but I'm surprised that my canon camera frame (50D) still allows me to choose f/4.5-5.6. I'm guessing that it's really acting like an f/6.3-8 lens, but the camera just doesn't realize that I've actually shaved off one f-stop of light?

Then you are suing a cheap teleconverter which is missing some contacts on it's bayonet. Don't expect any decent focusing from the combination...
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