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Re: Leave us alone, anti-tech-freaks !

Jacob Fisker Copenhagen Denmark wrote:

Personally I'm waiting impatiently for Nikons d700s and I'm very interested in any threads and rumors on this topic, so don't tell me and the other half of the members on this forum, not to be.

Personally I'm visiting this forum to read about Nikon's current cameras not about some teenager's wet dream about fictitious technology. This sort of thread is detracting from the more useful purpose of this forum.

Even the threads that start off on a more realistic note have people like you interrupting them by talking about the upcoming upgrade that you know is coming because you heard it from a friend of your neighbour's uncle, who used to work as a cleaner for Nikon.

That you believe you are being mistreated by others who are trying to use the forum for a more factual and informative purpose is quite sad.

There is absolutely no problem with your logic of waiting for the next model before you upgrade... if you feel the current model doesn't meet your requirements. Just wait quietly until you have something of substance to talk about and stop clogging up the forums and wasting bandwidth.

I would normally try to avoid this sort of post, but your astonishing double standards really warrented responses.

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