How do you store all your equipment out of a home?

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Re: How do you store all your equipment out of a home?

Nick in Shanghai wrote:

Arthur Olson wrote:

Pro's have what is called a studio.

Not all pro's have a studio. I have known plenty that don't.

What use would a studio be to a landscape specialist ?.............not to mention a Nat Geo shooter.
Many pro's rent..........cost effective.


I know many photographers who rent when they need it and dont have the overhead when they are slow. In Tx, our climate lends to outdoor shooting 9-10 months of the year and most people want outdoor stuff. I have a studio I rent but it is pretty infrequent. 8 out of 10 appointments I book they specifically want outdoor shots or a combo, rarely do they want studio only shots.

If you shoot product, 98% of that can be done in a spare room at your home.

I have quite a bit of gear and the luxury of a spare bedroom that is too small to convert into a studio (for people shots anyway), but serves me no other use. Some shelving, and labeled containers go a long way.

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