144 Buddy Bears in Berlin!

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144 Buddy Bears in Berlin!

Berlin has a new Subway line since August last year - the U55, featuring a meager three new stations only that were added to the Berlin Subway system.

The nice thing though is that at the new subway station that was added to the big Berlin Central Station - where national, international and local trains meet - there is a big hall suitable for exhibitions. And right now it is used to show the 144 "United Buddy Bears", one for each nation that has participated in this peaceful event. Every nation was invited to design and paint one of those famous statues, and a lot did!

If you enter the hall of the subway station you're greeted by this impressive view:

I invite you to search for the bear designed by the USA in this pano! Hard to find, and if you don't succeed at once, here a hint - it's the one right to the British bear with the Union Jack!

Of course it's impossible to show the fantastic detail of all the 144 bears, so here just a few for your enjoyment. Let's start with those - from left to right - from the Democratic Rep. of Congo, the Republic of Congo (yep, there are two of them) and Colombia:

A very nice idea had the artist from Albania - see the central bear in the next pic. Left to it Algeria, on its right Egypt:

And I guess there must be a lot of alligators in Paraguay, or else the Buddy Bear from this nation wouldn't look like this:

Here some close ups of five other bears to show the variety of ideas the artists had - from left to right you'll see the bear heads of Quatar, Israel, Kyrgyzstan, Syria and finally Bolivia:

Some more detail for the bears from Iran, Iraq (belly only) and Honduras:

Enough now, we'll leave the bears behind us ... But wait, behinds - here two of them, for a last look at the bears: Ghana & of course Greece from their backside. This is a fitting closing picture, since the Olympic Games will also finish today! :-))

That's really it. Hope you enjoyed the tour and will have a chance to visit those nice bears. They'll stay in Berlin until April 14th and then will continue to their next destination somewhere in the world.

All pictures taken with K20D and DA10-17 btw, the pano included. Focal lengths vary between 10 to 17mm, ISO from 640 to 1600. All pictures hand held.


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