How do you store all your equipment out of a home?

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Re: How do you store all your equipment out of a home?

I use a large Pelican roller case for my lenses, speedlights, and a backup body; a Tenba Shootout rolling backpack for my lighting kit (Elinchrom Quadra, two heads, two batteries, cables, triggers), and a shoulder bag for my main bodies and two or three lenses. My Lastolite fold-down reflectors and two small collapsible softboxes fit into a drummer's canvas cymbal bag.

All of it gets stored -- at floor level -- in a former pantry that I've had converted into a gear closet. There's no threshold, I just roll/push it in. Some simple white shelving holds photo umbrellas and compact lightstands (tied together with ball bungees for grab-and-go convenience), plus a few lenses I rarely use, umbrella adapters, a ringflash, sync cords, a couple of sandbags, etc.

A chest-high shelf is a dedicated charging station for my Nikon, Maha, and LaCrosse chargers, plus that's where all the other relevant chargers go (GPS, cellphone, digital photo viewer, Elinchrom batteries, the works). The power is on a dedicated circuit with eight outlets, installed by an electrician. (I wish I'd told him to create a dozen or more.)

About six larger lightstands, a few booms, my tripod + ballhead, my monopod, and the very handy Shur-Line extension pole fit into sundry corners, along with a beauty dish and a couple of largish Elinchrom octa boxes. I'm thinking of buying a rolling golfbag hard shell outer case for the large lightstands, something like this:


LyleUGA wrote:

Although I am not a full time professional, I have a large amount of camera and lighting equipment that I am struggling to best store in my home. For years, I simply keep the main gear in 2 stored between a photo backpack and a shoulder bag. I then have several additional lenses that I end up storing standing up in a lockable file cabinet.

Then, I struggle to figure out how to store the several tripods, light stands, umbrellas, softbox, monopod, etc. I used to just lean them in a corner of my home office, but it isn't the most attractive place to store them.

My last mess is all of the cables, triggers, filters, batteries, chargers, and other accessories. All these small items never seem to remain organized for more than 2 weeks. It is almost like a little troll hides in my cabinets and makes a mess out of them when I am asleep.

How does anyone else store their equipment to keep it more organized? Do you just keep it in your bags? Any nice ideas on storing all of the larger items in an organized way other than just leaning them in the corner? My wife would really like my office to look a little neater, being that it is what used to be the formal living room. So, all guests to our house see my office and all the large bulky items as soon as they step in the door.

It would be neat if there was a nice lockable cabinet/safe that was designed for storing camera equipment. Then it would serve both purposes of storing, and protecting all of the expensive equipment. Sort of like a gun safe. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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