How do you store all your equipment out of a home?

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Re: How do you store all your equipment out of a home?

Arthur Olson wrote:

Pro's have what is called a studio.

Not all pro's have a studio. I have known plenty that don't.

What use would a studio be to a landscape specialist ?.............not to mention a Nat Geo shooter.
Many pro's rent..........cost effective.

Cords get reusable zip tie type stuff, or velco straps, strobes get anvil hard cases or suitable alternatives, camrea's get pelicans or photo bag depending on assignment. Stands and accessories get similar to above.

I've flown with small portable Honda generators in anvil cases before..........heavy and expensive and probably not do-able since 9-11.

At home the equipment tends to live in the cases........when I had a studio it lived where ever it wanted but usually in the equipment storage room in old milk crates or it's traveling cases.

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