dxomark: how important it is for choosing camera? please drop few lines.

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Re: dxomark: how important it is for choosing camera? please drop few lines.

tony susanto wrote:

please read : http://www.luminous-landscape.com/essays/eyes-vs-numbers.shtml , from here you can undertand about their rating is invalid, is a bit misleading. to make all the fanboys especially nikon fanboi to shut their mouth to think their camera r much better.

To the OP, except for one person all the others have behaved as predicted. As for the Luminous-landscape page, here is the final section of that piece.

"DxOMark will fill a very important role for equipment purchasers – if interpreted and used intelligently. Of course it will also provide wonderful fuel for the flamers and self-appointed pundits on web forums who will create a storm of on-going rancorous debate based on these results. (As for me, I'm heading for the hurricane shelter).

So – thanks to DxO Labs for creating this terrific resource. I would only request though that for it to be truly valuable in this fast-paced industry new cameras be added as quickly as possible so that the database's usefulness is updated and maintained in a timely manner."

Wow, ironic that the resource you claim states it's worthless actually backfired on you, and the author predicted the exact behavior you just portrayed.

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