Wide Angle Dilemma

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Pete Berry Senior Member • Posts: 2,999
A 4/3 9-18 problem w/ GH-1

Chipper, I don't know what m4/3 body you use, but I was unpleasantly surprised trying my Oly 9-18/MA-1 adapter combo with my brand new GH-1 last week. First, photos on my 70th(!) b'day showed blurred outer 1/4th and worse corners at 100%. Then I did controlled shots with my E-30 at f/4-f/8, 9-14mm, comparing them to the same in the GH-1 - worse in every case, less at 14mm viewing 100% crops. Interestingly, the center sharpness was stunning in the GH-1 RAW shots at all apertures (ACR, identical sharpening), with detail not available in the Oly conversions.

So then I try a comparison with my excellent Oly 12-60mm SWR (man. focus) at 12-18mm - same thing seen - the wider the worse. But supersharp results at all FL's from my 50-200mm treasure, even with the EC-20 2x.

That said, a printed 12x16 from the GH-1, 9mm, f/6.3, (at a scale of about 1/3 that of 100% view) looked quite good, and I'm not sure I would have noticed the slight edge softness otherwise, as the very crisp center really draws the eye.

So I pony'd up $1200 for a little Pany 7-14 and have been very pleased with it's output - just a little blurry in the corners at 100%. The 9-18 and 12-60 will be on the market soon, as well as the kit 14-140 which I will replace with the Pany-Leica 14-150.


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