How can I achieve pixelpeeping powers?

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How can I achieve pixelpeeping powers?

A lot of posters here seem to have super sensory powers. Can someone tell me how can I achieve them?

Coloured IQs

These posters are so sensitive to colours they spend all their time changing cameras to get the right colour output! They are so special, they can tell that a camera has got crap colour notwithstanding the different processing software, the default tone curve and hues, calibration of monitor, printer and paper!

Nothing is relative for them, they have an in built absolute reference point in the brain! Please tell me how to train my eyes for this. I'm not sure if my camera is producing the right colours. Unless of course, these people are talking about wanting a black or silver camera? Help!

Bokeh Towkays

Apparently, these superheroes can tell the differences in bokeh for the same focal length and apertures for different lens brands!

For me, I can only sometimes perceive a subtle difference but only if there is a side by side comparison at 200% on screen (and only with lenses with different no. of aperture blades). I'm completely lost when it comes to stand alone prints! They look the same to me! Please help me to appreciate bokeh!

AF time travellers

These ones can perceive time down to 0.01s. They can tell if the AF of a D3 is faster or slower than a 1DMkIV from just sheer “feel”. No tests required! They are immune to predispositions, preconceptions and the subconscious!

The medical profession would love them for trials as no placebos would be needed. For me, my wife complains I'm always ten minutes behind time! I need these powers now! If not to just placate my wife ....

Noise maestros

Now, these ones can't hear bugger all but they can see the noise! They won't buy a print even if it only has some luminance noise, let alone chroma.

For me, I can't tell the difference between a 20D high iso NR'ed RAW A3 print an one from a 5DMkII. And these cameras are 5 years apart! I would be useless in comparing similarly spec'd cameras. I need this power as I don't want to get cheated my sneaky photogs when I buy a print. These unscrupulous buggers might sneak in some noise in there.

Michael Reichmann really upset those pixel peepers when he showed that a panel of pros could not differentiate 13x19” prints from a Canon G10 and a Phase One P45.

The simple fact is that the new crop of cameras are showing that the progress curve for IQ is fast levelling out.

So please crucify me for going against accepted conventions.

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