Failed hard disk - pls help

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Re: Failed hard disk - pls help

louis_ wrote:

Are there any other options?

you know one thing is really true 'digital don't last' no matter how many dups you made, spread across HD, DVD, Disk array, soild cards, tapes, online, one day it will failed and stop working.

what my suggest is that:

1) burn one backup on branded DVD-R with the slowest speed 1-2X
2) keep one backup on your HD

3) select the best shot and make hardcopies from it, be it inkjet, wet process prints, film recording, this is the most important step, if the soft copies failed, you can re-scan these back to digital if you like.

I have been doing backup since 1990 with 1X CD-R burner most of my very old CD-R that i burnied at that time are still error free today, the secret is choose the most exnepsive midea and burn at 1-2X. with this on my mind, my backup goes like this, i make 2 copies of DVD-R and select the best images of the year and bring them to a photo lab that has film reorder service, the best is called 'fire film recorder' it use laser beam to burn the image to a 4X5 slide film, after i make sure i have soft and hard copies, i delete the images on my computer and move on to other stuff, I never store anything important on HD.

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