Loads of TX7 Pictures. HHT and HDR examples, too.

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Re: Thanks Tom --- Not HHT. nt

Tom Hoots wrote:

guy wrote:

i'm waiting on my hx5 pre-order, but i might go try to see a tx7 in person to see if i could live with the ergonomics and touch screen. i really, really loved the size of the wx1--i don't think you could design a smaller camera that was still as easy to operate--and i'm not looking forward to the hx5 being nearly the size of the s90.

Our Fry's did indeed have the TX7 -- you should be able to see it there, if nowhere else in your area. And, I presume you've seen it, but I did go over my thoughts about the camera itself in my "review" of it:

i checked the bestbuy and fry's websites and couldn't find the tx7 on either of them, so i ordered from amazon today for saturday delivery. we'll see if i'm secure enough in my masculinity to carry that pink one since that was the only color amazon had left. [g]

i cancelled my hx5 pre-order, having decided that size really was the main factor. i have a gf1 for my main camera and i asked myself why i would want a camera such as the hx5 which is nearly as large for my edc (every day carry) camera. my needs for such a camera are: ability to shoot after dark, small size, and rapid deployment.

i'll miss the bracketing feature also, but the hdr mode will obviate some of my need for bracketing. and since sony has finally relented and allowed sdhc cards, my eye-fi card should work which means i have no need for the gps which is most likely the feature that caused the size to grow so much from the wx1 to the hx5.

i was reading the tx7 manual and sony has gone out of their way to not mention sdhc cards. if you read it literally, you might well think that you could not shoot movies unless you use a memorystick.


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